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Things to consider before Ordering a hosting package

     There are multiple ways to choose right web hosting plan to host your first blog/website. Most of the users prefer to search the web hosting services online, few look review websites and other ways such as forums, plans and offers to come to a decision. Some users consider pricing as a deciding factor to opt for hosting their website or an application.
Ultimately, it all depends on your requirements to start with. If you wish to host your personal website which is relatively new, you may consider shared hosting or an entry level package to start with and upgrade as your resource requirement grows.
To help you in right direction for selecting the right plan or hosting provider, please refer following factors which may help you in long run. These factors will help you to make decision faster for selecting right web hosting service for you.
Compare the different web hosting services available
"Web Hosting" is terminology which includes wide range of services ranging from entry level service to high end package. Choosing the right one is big task but not that difficult if you are aware of your system requirements. 
These service offerings include:
                   Shared Web Hosting: Its a service which share the hardware resources with multiple websites hosted on a server. A typical shared server hosts 500-1000 websites depending upon the hardware specifiction. Packages range 10-20 MB's of disk space to 10-20 GB with minimal monthly bandwidth.
         VPS Hosting: Its a type of service which small virtual machines/servers created on single hardware using virtualization technology. Guaranteed RAM and more resources are offered along with root/shell access.
         Dedicated Servers: Its a services which includes entire server to host your application dedicated to your resources. You have full control over server.
Choosing the right web hosting plan for you means taking the time to understand your business requirements and goals you would like to achieve in online business. Be realistic about the scale of your business, the type of content that you will be serving, and how your site could grow in a short amount of time.
Once you have decided upon your system requirements, you may shortlist web hosting provider based on your requirements.
Check the hardware that supports the web hosting plan
Once you have shortlisted the web hosting providers, its a good idea to focus on hardware offered by these companies. Most of the claim that they use branded hardware but thats not the case always. Hardware configuration plays a vital role in online business success.
You also need to make sure that data center and network information is available on their website so that you can check can check the infrastructure which is offered to you and who are your upstream providers.
You must also verify if the Datacenter is owned or leased by the provided and also verify if high security standards, and plenty of power and cooling is available with adequate backups with the mentioned Datacenter.
The most important factor in analyzing hosting company's reliability is their service level agreement and uptime guarantee. If a hosting provider guarantees 100% network uptime, you can be confident that their web hosting plans are available on a cutting-edge network.
Check that the web hosting plan comes with great customer service
No matter how a hosting company showcase itself in a market, a key differentiator is its customer support service. Any reliable hosting service needs a technical support which is offered through means of Helpdesk, support via phone and Chat service.
Before you make a purchase, you should look at the support options the hosting provider has put together. Any reputable company will provide 24/7/365 technical support, but you will need to verify if its really 24x7.
Then more support channels available, better is the service. Good hosting companies also offer support through video tutorials and their informative knowledge base to refer.
Compare the real costs of web hosting plans
Then comes the deciding factor which is pricing. You should analyze your system requirements well in order to identify above factors along with pricing for the opted technology.
In addition, consider the optional features or addons offered with hosting packages such as control panel, 3rd party software and support for them.
Some web hosting providers offer fairly limited services as standard, with every other feature incurring an additional cost. By being aware of this before you commit to a service, you can more accurately compare the costs of different web hosting solutions.

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